“(southern) California Twirls” and “California Twirls Rides Again”
is a book of 45 contradances written by choreographers from Southern California. Contributors include Erik Hoffman, Martha Wild, Lou Dow, James Hutson, and Jeffrey Spero. Co-edited by James Hutson and Jeffrey Spero, this book also features histories of contradancing in San Diego, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara written by Gigi deMarrais. Available for only $10 (plus s/h). For ordering information, email me.
A sequel to (southern) California Twirls is progressing... and it's ALMOST finished! This book, named "California Twirls Rides Again" will showcase dances written by choreographers throughout the state of California including Lynn Ackerson, Charlie Fenton, Erik Hoffman, James Hutson, Gary Shapiro, Jeffrey Spero, Martha Wild and Reina Wonite. The current expected release date is... I'm not even going to guess anymore!
Look in the links above for updated (though not ALWAYS accurate!) information from the reference pages of (southern) California Twirls.
Jeffrey Spero’s Contradance Website
featuring “California Twirls”